On 12 April 2011, 30 editors from publications known as authorities in beauty, hair and fashion throughout the industry gathered at the Alexandria Life and Science Centre in New York City to learn about New & Improved Nioxin.

To open the conversation about thinning hair, the NIOXIN team introduced the group to its expert consultants: renowned dermatologist Dr. Valerie Callendar, psychologist and specialist in appearance psychology Dr. Stephen Franzoi, and celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, as well as P&G scientist Teca Gillespie.

The panel clearly defined the difference between hair loss and thinning, and talked about NIOXIN’s revolutionary skincare-for-the-scalp approach before introducing the new product formulations and proprietary technologies available from July 2011.

Many editors were surprised to discover that thinning hair affects three out of four people in the US – more than those who color their hair. A roundtable discussion and Q&A session gave them the opportunity to find out as much as they could about the subject. Finally, each person was invited to take a NIOXIN consultation to identify the correct NIOXIN system for their hair and scalp needs.

Some of the Editor responses:

“The expert panel was an interesting and holistic way to open up the conversation about thinning hair and identify a solution to a somewhat taboo topic.”

“In addition to finding it relevant to my readers, it resonated with me personally.”

“I will most definitely be talking about the products in an upcoming fall issue!”